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Coding for Art Camp

$445Purchase required to enroll
About this Camp:

Learning to code and thinking computationally is an essential life skill, and so is expressing yourself through art. This innovative and creative camp explores both subjects together by writing programs to make artwork on the screen and through electronic sculpture. Campers will explore new frontiers of artistic expression while learning simple, yet powerful, programming skills and getting introduced to the world of physical computing.

  • Learn to use free, open source software coding environments
  • Delve into the fun, artistic world of Processing
  • Expand programming skills with Python - one of the world's most popular languages
  • Explore image processing, computer manipulation and enhancement of images
  • Learn to connect to the magical world of LEDs
  • Use coding to realize new and unique creative and artistic visions
  • Don't just accept standard software presets - hack your own!
  • Experiment freely with new tools for expression
  • Develop and enhance a creative mindset
  • Exercise skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
  • Build a foundation of knowledge about digital data and how to transform it through code
  • Practice learning by doing
  • Develop an awareness of the designed dimension of objects and systems
  • Hone skills to shape the world through building, tinkering, re/designing and hacking

  • Lots of cool artistic creative programs
  • Best practices and principles of coding for art
  • Hands-on electronics, soldering and physical computing experience
  • Introduction to Arduino, Raspberry Pis
  • Introduction to Processing and Python
  • Coding skills that can be continued at home using free software
  • Creative experience in our 3000 sqft Amazing Wonder Workshop
  • Knowledge of how 21st century digital design technology works and how it is transforming our world

Image credit: Valence by Ben Fry

Example Projects:

  • Multiple awesome code explorations
  • LED sculpture

Catylator Camp programs are taught by a real engineer with over 26 years design experience and are targeted for fifth graders through ninth graders. The camps run from 9am to 3pm.

Save 10% on the second (or more) camp(s) after you have registered for the first camp - also applies to siblings. Discount does not apply to the first camp. Use coupon code CAMP1710.