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SilverSat CubeSat Camp

About this CubeSat Camp Experience:

Get immersed in the world of satellites, exploring space and building a satellite-themed project in this exciting and unique camp with the SilverSat initiative. This camp has limited enrollment.

The camp program will actively engage attendees in the awe-inspiring world of cubesats, including meaningful hands-on activities:

- Learn about satellites, what they are, how they get into space and how they stay up there
- Learn about digital makerspace technology, how you can use it to shape your world and build cool things
- Engage in multiple hands-on building projects
- Get introduced to laser cutting parts for your projects
- Complete projects and understand how they relate to satellites in space
- Expand spatial thinking from the surface of our planet up into near earth orbit
- Develop and enhance a creative mindset
- Exercise skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
- Practice learning by doing
- Developing an awareness of the satellite design, build and launch process
- Hone skills to shape the world through building, tinkering, re/designing and hacking


- A foundation of knowledge about satellites, space and and how to engage in the extra-terrestrial environment
- Knowledge of how digital design and digital fabrication works and how they are transforming our world
- Next steps on how to get engaged with the SilverSat project: a Silver Spring group building a CubeSat to launch into orbit

This camp is taught by real engineers and scientists with decades of actual design experience and are targeted for fifth graders through ninth graders. The camps run from 9am to 3pm.

Save 10% on the second (or more) camp(s) after you have registered for the first camp - also applies to siblings. Discount does not apply to the first camp. Use coupon code CAMP1710.