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Creating Smart Objects: Learn to Hack Your World

$495Purchase required to enroll
About this Camp:

Curious about the buzzphrase: "Internet of Things"? Is it a fridge that texts? Is it your front door self-unlocking? Is it a wireless camera in an infant's room? Yes - it’s all of those things and more. For many, it’s not much of a surprise that objects can sense things and communicate. The phone so many of us carry can track where we are, our temperature, take photos and pay for goods with a tap.

What might be surprising, is that it's not hard or expensive to make a sensing, communicating object yourself. And making smart objects can be rewarding, fun and even useful.

In this camp we will explore the world of IoT through Arduino, learn the art of physical computing and explore the world.

  • Learn to use free, open source software coding environments
  • Delve into the fun, dynamic world of Arduino
  • Learn to connect to outside world: sound, light, temperature, pressure and movement
  • Use coding to realize new and unique creative and artistic visions with LED lights
  • Learn how to interface with useful information online
  • Develop and enhance a creative mindset
  • Exercise skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
  • Build a foundation of knowledge about digital data, IoT, the outside world and how to transform it through code
  • Practice learning by doing
  • Develop an awareness of the designed dimension of objects and systems
  • Hone skills to shape the world through building, tinkering, re/designing and hacking

  • Cool creative smart objects
  • Best practices and principles of coding for interfacing with the real world
  • Hands-on electronics, soldering and physical computing experience
  • Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry Pis
  • Coding skills that can be continued at home using free software
  • Creative experience in our 3000 sqft Amazing Wonder Workshop
  • Knowledge of how 21st century digital design technology works and how it is transforming our world
Example Projects:
  • LED Blinky
  • Detecting Touch
  • Electric Candle
  • Invisible ruler
  • Do I need an umbrella today?
  • Send email with a button
  • Logging and charting sensor data
  • Can we sweep the floor?

Catylator Camp programs are taught by a real engineer with over 26 years design experience and are targeted for fifth graders through ninth graders. The camps run from 9am to 3pm.

Save 10% on the second (or more) camp(s) after you have registered for the first camp - also applies to siblings. Discount does not apply to the first camp. Use coupon code CAMP1710.