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Art, Design and Technology Camp in the Amazing Wonder Workshop

$495Purchase required to enroll

About this Camp:

Get immersed in the new world of 2D/2.5D and 3D design, digital fabrication and physical computing! Use these new skills to learn how to engage in and shape your world with art, design and technology. Kids love to get creative and this camp will get them on their feet and engaged hands-on with essential 21st century tools.

  • Learn to use easy, free, browser based computer aided design software
  • Expand spatial thinking from 2D to 3D
  • Develop and enhance a creative mindset
  • Design and build a set of objects of increasing sophistication
  • Exercise skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
  • Build a foundation of knowledge about digital data and how to transform it
  • Practice learning by doing
  • Develop an awareness of the designed dimension of objects and systems
  • Hone skills to shape the world through building, tinkering, re/designing and hacking


  • Lots of cool things made during the day
  • Best practices and principles of design for 2D laser cutting and 3D printing
  • Hands-on laser cutting, 3D printing, soldering and physical computing experience
  • Introduction to Arduino, Raspberry Pis and Python coding
  • Design skills that can be continued at home using free, browser based software
  • Experience in our 3000 sqft Amazing Wonder Workshop
  • Knowledge of how 21st century digital design and fabrication technology works and how it is transforming our world

Example Projects:

  • 3D Name Tag
  • Spiral printed vase
  • Living hinge bracelet
  • Finger-jointed box
  • Living hinge journal and book covers
  • Artistic hardwood bookmarks
  • Jewelry
  • Puzzles
  • Gears
  • Mechanisms
  • Games

Save 10% on the second (or more) camp(s) after you have registered for the first camp - also applies to siblings. Discount does not apply to the first camp. Use coupon code CAMP1710.