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Architects' Club for Girls

$445Purchase required to enroll

Have you ever imagined designing and building your dream house? Have you ever thought about becoming an architect or interior designer? Well now you can!

In this week-long summer camp, you will be part of a team of girls who will design and build a 1/12 scale house from beginning to end, using amazing tools and technology, including 3D-printing, laser cutting, woodworking and clay sculpture. By the end of the week, we will have a truly awesome dollhouse which we will donate to a charity for kids. This camp was one of the most fun, energetic and creative camps we did in 2016.

We will begin by looking at our own thoughts about what makes a house beautiful and livable, and what makes a house a home. We will take a video journey, exploring castles, farm houses, glass houses, Falling Water, hobbit holes, eco-friendly houses and tree houses. Then we will start brainstorming, sketching and developing our blueprints. The frame will go up using our Universal VLS 4.60 Laser Cutter. Once the basic structure is in place, the decorating and furniture making can begin in earnest, with wall papering, painting, Fimo clay floor tiling, trim work, and functional light fixtures installed. Furniture will be 3D-printed, CNC routed, sculpted out of clay, or upholstered with cloth. And last but not least, the inhabitants of the house (they do not really like to be called dolls) will be created.

On the last day, our Design-Build team will donate the house (engraved with a plaque bearing the design-build team's name, of course) to charity. Each girl will take home photos and a 3D-printed or laser cut memento of the house, as well as the skills and confidence to go full STEAM ahead.

Check out this amazing article on LifeHack.org for inspiration!

Even Adults Would Love These 30 Amazing Dollhouses

Catylator Camp programs are taught by real engineers and teachers, with extensive real world experience. Most of our teachers have Masters degrees or higher.

Camps are targeted for rising fifth graders through 10th graders.

Save 10% on the second (or more) camp(s) after you have registered for the first camp - also applies to siblings. Discount does not apply to the first camp. Use coupon code CAMP1710.