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Getting Started with 3D Printing

About this Workshop
Would you believe it if we told you the 3D prints pictured here are examples of projects you could complete in this class? It’s true! Even if you’ve never touched a 3D printer, you will walk out of this class with a 3D printed object of your own design. This class isn’t just for beginners, though. Intermediate users will get to take their skills to the next level when we look at their own projects and discuss strategies for how to design and print them successfully.

This class will cover:
  • How 3D printers work
  • Design strategies for setting up projects so they print the way they’re supposed to
  • Considerations for tolerancing in 3D prints, including allowances that need to be made for snap fits and slip fits between multiple parts, as well as issues with interior holes.
  • All the settings you need to adjust before pressing the “print” button, including: print resolution, infills, rafts, brims, bridging and standard support structures, PLUS techniques for custom supports so your print doesn’t collapse
  • An awesome 3D printed object that will generate curiosity and conversation from friends and coworkers. When they ask about the object, you can casually respond with “Oh that? I 3D printed it last week. No big deal.”
  • Techniques for achieving successful 3D prints
  • Feedback and guidance on your 3D design ideas
Prereqs and Preparation
This class is for beginners new to the phenomenon of 3D printing and intermediate users who want to improve their skills.
Bring your 3D designs to discuss print strategies! Filament for test prints will be supplied.