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Easy Sewing

$40 per classPurchase required to enroll
About this Workshop

"If I just knew how to sew, I could..." Have these words every come out of your mouth? Here's your opportunity to turn them around. Catylator's skilled and experienced seamstress Mariam will get you started in sewing and put you on a path toward making all sorts of textile-based household projects, such as curtains, pillows, stuffed toys, kitchen decor, and clothing.

Our classes are flexible and tailorable ('cuse the pun), but at a minimum, in the first class you will learn:
  • How a sewing machine works
  • Setting up, threading and cleaning the machine
  • How to prepare fabric for sewing
  • Stitch types and when to use them
  • Preparing a pattern
  • Cutting fabric
  • Starting practicing with a small project
  • Starting sewing skills
  • We can start you on the path to making your own basic clothing repairs instead of going to a tailor
  • Guidance on how to practice your new skills
  • The confidence to say "Now that I know how to sew, I can..."
Prereqs and Preparation

This is a beginner level class. No prior skills needed, open to ages 15 and up. Ages 12-14 are welcome when accompanied to class by a paying adult.

Some materials will be available, but if you have a project in mind then you can bring those materials to class.

All other tools and supplies will be provided.